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Today, Diane Weiner is very involved in Baltimore’s Jewish community. But, it was only a few years ago that she looked to her own daughter, Ally, for inspiring her to become engaged.

It began when Ally applied to Diller Baltimore, a teen program through Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC). Diane didn’t think her daughter had time. Entering 11th grade, Ally was busy – she played three sports, carried a heavy academic load and was in band. She said she wanted to do Jewish things with a Jewish peer group,” Diane recalls.

Accepted into Diller, Ally went to Israel, ran a music program in a Baltimore City school and forged new relationships with local and Israeli teens.

Watching Ally, Diane realized she was missing something. She became involved in the Jewish community with The Associated, volunteering and traveling to Israel for the first time. “I realized I had a responsibility in the family to be a Jewish role model,” Diane says.

I’m proud of my mom for what she has done for the community. She told me it happened because of Diller.”

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