Community Study

Data-driven philanthropic planning

Every 10 years, The Associated commissions a demographic study of the Jewish community in Greater Baltimore. These studies give us hard data that not only illustrate how we have grown and changed, but also measure the progress we are making on our initiatives and frame the new challenges we must address. The 2010 research was carried out by professional social scientists using advanced data-gathering techniques. More than 1,200 Jewish households completed interviews designed to capture the characteristics, attitudes and behaviors of our community.

Our Planning Department analyzes the data and translates it into the Community Study, which we, along with a host of synagogues, day schools and other institutions, use to inform policy, planning and strategy decisions.

How we use the Community Study: A snapshot

The 2010 study showed tremendous growth in the senior population — especially among those over age 85. The survey also shed light on troubling statistics relating to issues like finances and access to care. As a result, we convened a Senior Life Task Force, which included representatives from our agencies as well as experts from the State of Maryland’s Department of Aging, Catholic Charities and many others. In all, 30 experts spent more than a year researching and generating strategies and actions related to service coordination, transportation needs and public-private partnerships for access to resources.

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