Planning and Allocations Process

Together we plan for a stronger, more vibrant Jewish future

The Associated’s planning and allocations process builds on more than 90 years of committed, effective service to Baltimore’s Jewish community. Our federated model brings together more than 25 local agencies and programs in order to coordinate the broadest possible safety net — in which each agency works in its area of expertise, while supporting, complementing or enhancing the specialties of the other agencies. We collaborate very closely on each agency’s budget and strategic plan, creating synergy that results in a more holistic array of services – more than the agencies could offer by operating independently.


We don’t divide resources – we multiply them

Our planning commissions, committees and task forces rely on well over 400 volunteer leaders as well as agency professionals and experts from every realm. Community members representing many perspectives and organizations come together to address a shared concern: how to strengthen community for our children, ensure our seniors get the services they need to remain healthy and vital and literally hundreds of other issues. The power of this type of collective is an inspiration to all who serve.

What does your future hold?

2010 Community Study


The 2010 study showed tremendous growth in the senior population — especially among those over age 85.

The survey also shed light on troubling statistics relating to issues like finances and access to care.

In all, 30 experts spent more than a year researching and generating strategies and actions related to service coordination, transportation needs and public-private partnerships for access to resources.

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