JBIG (Jewish Baltimore Innovation Grants)

Get a little help to start the next BIG thing in our community. Submit your ideas for strengthening Jewish identity and fostering Jewish community. 

JBIG is a microgrants initiative to help up-and-coming leaders seed, grow and act on new ideas, e.g., social gatherings, Shabbat and holiday experiences, arts and culture programs, and service projects. Individuals and grassroots organizations in Baltimore, Ashkelon and Odessa can submit ideas for grants of up to $1,000. 

The 2017 JBIG application is now closed. If you would like additional information about JBIG, please contact Rebecca Weinstock at rweinstock@associated.org or 410-843-7566. 


Here are some of the projects that JBIG funded last year:

Harbor Minyan
Harbor Minyan is a lay-led egalitarian minyan in Downtown Baltimore that meets monthly for spirited, musical, and participatory Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv services, followed by a vegetarian potluck Shabbat dinner. The JBIG grant provided infrastructure support for the minyan.

Likrat Shabbat
Likrat Shabbat is a new initiative in Ashkelon to create cooking workshops for young adults. Participants will learn how to prepare and make healthy and delicious Shabbat dinners on a budget. The workshops will be based on the traditions and customs of Shabbat and will foster Jewish community among participants.

The First Fruit Chavurah Harvest Shavuot Celebration
This free, earth-based, back-to-the-land Shavuot celebration featured an all-night, alternative tikkun, cheese madness midnight feast, family and intergenerational programming and a concluding dance and concert.

To see a list of additional projects funded by JBIG, click here. 

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