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Sample Rules of Engagement

• Create a carefully planned timed agenda that includes real decisions/conflicts that need to be discussed

• Distribute agenda and relevant background materials before meeting to foster good discussion

• Include a Dvar Torah and/or Jewish values into the meeting

• Chair, professional or individual leading each agenda item must be familiar with issues in order to frame them succinctly

• Articulate the goals of the meeting/ what board members should gain from the meeting

• Every meeting will include a substantive issue (does not require a vote) for Board Discussion

• Brief reports (requiring no action) distributed in writing

• Monthly budget and financial resource development update should take place at each meeting

• At every meeting, attendees should learn something new about the organization's work or best practices should be shared

• Encourage participation of “quiet” board members and ensure that you have heard everyone speak at the meeting

• Have the flexibility to cancel if it’s realized the meeting will not have substance