Area Camp Spotlight

Camp Spotlight

Below is an alphabetical listing of area day and overnight Jewish camps; however there are many others to choose from. Email Janna or call 410-369-9237 to learn about these and other Jewish camp options. 

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BT Camps
Office: 410-517-3451

B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp
Office: 202-857-6663
Summer: 570-635-9200

Camp Airy/Camp Louise
Office: 410-466-9010

Camp Harlam – A URJ Camp
Office: 610-668-0423
Summer: 570-629-1390

Camp Ramah-Poconos
Office: 215-885-8556
Summer: 570-798-2504

Camp Shoresh
Office: 410-358-8571
Summer: 301-874-8150

Capital Camps
Office: 866-430-2267
Summer: 717-794-2177

Habonim Dror Camp Moshava
Office: 800-454-2205 or 301-348-7339
Summer: 410-893-7006 or 410-893-7079

J Camps
Office: 410-559-3513

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