Celebrating Our Centennial by Focusing on the Future

For a century, The Associated has been the cornerstone of Jewish Baltimore. Together, we have inspired many, advocated for change and united our community, creating a world of good. The dedication and generosity of our parents, grandparents and neighbors led us through trials and triumphs – through ordinary and extraordinary times.

The historic moment of today is no different. Our community’s ability to nimbly rise to the challenge of COVID-19 and social unrest has only been possible through the generosity of those in our early days who invested in The Associated and endowed their gifts. This generosity has allowed us to overcome innumerable challenges and never let our community down.

Today, even though we are physically apart from one another, we will rise up together because the stakes have never been higher, and the need has never been greater. The choices we make today will define us for years to come.

Today, together, we chart the course for the next 100 years so that our grandchildren and beyond can live in a thriving and supported Jewish Baltimore. While we never know what our future will hold, through The Associated’s unprecedented $200 Million Centennial Campaign, you and your family will can make a real impact on the Jewish Baltimore of today and tomorrow.

With your support, you ensure that our best days are yet to come and that we can secure a stronger Jewish community for the next generation and beyond.

For more information about the Centennial Campaign, Leslie Pomerantz, lpomerantz@associated.org, 410-843-7492 or Lesley Austen, lausten@associated.org, 410-369-9297

100 Years of The Associated in Action

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