Deepening Jewish Life

Thriving communities begin with thriving people

“Deepening Jewish Life” means making the affairs of life itself — experience in art and music, volunteerism and economics, sustainability and continuity — relevant within a Jewish context. By offering opportunities for Jewish education, social enrichment and cultural connection, we create the engagement that makes us a thriving community. As an agent of social innovation, we meet Jews where they are and help them along their journey — celebrating the diversity of Jewish life together.

Coming together to learn from each other

There is a place for everyone at The Associated. From the oldest to the youngest, we bring people together around the concerns we share, and we add a Jewish connection that deepens the meaning of our collective action. For example, environmental repair and conservation is good in itself, and when we tie it to the Jewish value of preserving the Earth’s resources for the next generation, it becomes that much more meaningful. We connect people to their Jewish lives from early childhood to old age. By supporting Hillel, we keep 11,000 Jewish students involved in their heritage while at college. By connecting Baby Boomers and seniors to meaningful activities, we create benefits for them and the community. We are one people, engaging for each other.

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