Funding Criteria

Funding criteria

The Associated seeks to strengthen Jewish life and promote positive progress in Jewish communities worldwide by identifying priorities and allocating human and financial resources in conjunction with partners invested in global responsibility.

Areas of focus

  • Serving vulnerable populations: at-risk youth, elderly and recent immigrants to Israel
  • Community development: Jewish education, Jewish identity, leadership development and volunteerism
  • Requests for proposal are made in the fall of each year. To be considered for funding, proposals must be:
    • Impactful: meet critical needs and make a real difference
    • Educational: create more informed leaders in the community who understand the issues and can communicate them
    • Engaging: connect more people to The Associated and its overseas partners in both informational and hands-on ways; and
    • Create an emotional component: offer an emotional connection to people, projects and communities.

Your proposal should be no more than five pages and must be submitted by email to Mary Haar

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