There’s No Better Way to See the Jewish World

Participating in an Associated Mission offers you and your family an incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons and discover Jewish culture around the globe. Leave everything to us. We’ll take care of planning your day-to-day activities, travel logistics, accommodations and most meals.

While exploring local culture, you’ll also enjoy exclusive access to private briefings with high-ranking officials and meet local community members. Experience first-hand what The Associated and our global partners are doing to meet the challenges Jews are facing around the world.

Whether you are passionate about social justice, community-building or the investment of a secure Jewish future, our immersive missions provide a unique sense of purpose.

Experience exciting adventures and cultural discoveries in Israel and other Jewish communities across the globe on a mission with The Associated.

IWP is an application-based program. A leadership level gift of $1,000 to The Associated is requested.

Be a part of the Inspired Women’s Project (IWP). You will take a spiritual journey with 20 women and discover what inspires us as women to lead, to give and to take action. You will come together for monthly sessions and discuss personal growth, spirituality, Israel engagement and philanthropy, all through a female lens. You will also travel together on a uniquely female-focused trip to Israel, deepening your bond to the Jewish homeland.
Contact: Jen Mendelsohn Millman at or Daniela Levine at or 410-369-9317

Nachalah – Young Men’s Mission

More info to come
Contact: Michelle Ostroff at or 410-369-9231.

December 20-28, 2023

Stop waiting and bring your family on our carefully curated itinerary full of adventure, Israeli culture, and delicious food you will remember for a lifetime. From a scavenger hunt through Tzfat, to driving jeeps in the Golan Heights, from the ancient city of Jerusalem to the birthplace of the Startup Nation in Tel Aviv and from the shores of the Galilee to the edge of the Mediterranean Coast – all of Israel is yours to discover! You and your family will walk through ancient tunnels in Jerusalem, climb Masada, float in the Dead Sea, meet Israeli soldiers, and ride a camel before the week is through.
Contact: Michelle Ostroff at or 410-369-9231.

Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership 20th Anniversary Delegation

January 8-13, 2024

Embarking on a delegation to Israel through The Associated’s Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership offers a unique opportunity to foster enduring connections between our two communities. This delegation not only allows individuals to witness the impactful work being done but also serves as a bridge, connecting the global Jewish community to the heart of Israel and its people, making it an enriching and meaningful journey for anyone seeking to strengthen these ties.

Contact Aviva Schwartz at to learn more.

Chair’s Mission to Israel

May 8-16, 2024

The Chair’s Mission brings to you and a group of 20 men, adventure, camaraderie, insider briefings, up-front personal experiences and behind the scenes glimpses into the heart and soul of the Israeli people. As has become tradition, we will be in Israel for Israel’s Memorial Day – Yom HaZikaron and Independence Day – Yom Haatzmaut.
By Invitation only.
Chair: Kevin Luskin
Contact: Michelle Ostroff at or 410-369-9231.

General Missions questions? Contact Michelle Ostroff at or 410-369-9231.

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