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How can one woman – you, perhaps – change the lives of other women and girls? How is it that your one gift can help fight domestic violence, improve women’s health and nutrition, provide shelter to vulnerable girls and protect at-risk seniors with nowhere else to turn? It’s through the power of collective philanthropy – it’s through the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation of Baltimore (JWGF).

By becoming a JWGF member, you will connect with other remarkable women in engaging, thought-provoking and educational experiences, while deepening your knowledge of issues impacting women and girls. No experience is necessary! By participating, you can develop skills in the areas of grant reading, meeting facilitation and leadership. There is no better opportunity to grow personally and professionally while doing so much good.

Your financial commitment to JWGF is $1,100 per funding year. Initial memberships is two-year commitment and renews for as long as you choose to participate. The deadline for your membership commitment is October 15 of each year, and full payment is due by November 15.

As a valued part of The Associated, our members participate in the many events that The Associated holds, including the Annual Campaign. In the first year of your JWGF membership, you or your household must make a minimum gift of $365 to the Annual Campaign. In your second year and beyond, the minimum gift requirement increases to $500.

JWGF was founded in 2003 by a forward-thinking group of women who believed in the transformative power of collective philanthropy. Since our inception, we have given through both a Jewish and gender lens and our work has honored the tradition of tzedakah (philanthropic giving) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Questions? Contact Jennifer Mendelsohn Millman at or 410-369-9205.

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