Come as You Are, Give as You Can,
Grow as You Do

Associated Women give with pride, passion and purpose. Every gift matters, because each one builds the community that we share. Giving your time and money through Associated Women is the most powerful way to affect change in our community.

Associated Women invites women, like you, to join one of our giving societies which recognize your annual commitment to our Jewish community.

Pomegranate Society – The pomegranate, a symbol of bounty and strength, contains 613 seeds, representing each mitzvah in the Torah. The Pomegranate Society honors women who make a gift of $1,800 or more. Members are welcomed to purchase a silver pomegranate pin representing the power Jewish women hold in our community. 

In addition, women who make a gift of $3,600 or more are recognized as Ruby Pomegranate and can accent their pomegranate pin with a ruby inset.

Lion of Judah – Reflecting strength, honor and dedication, our Lion of Judah Society honors women who make an annual gift of $6,000 or more. Lion of Judah donors are eligible to purchase and wear a Lion of Judah pin. As your contributions grow, a Lion of Judah donor is invited to accent her pin with a corresponding precious gem.

Lion of Judah Endowment – The strength and vitality of women’s giving continues by establishing a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE). A LOJE gift represents the creation of a fund that will guarantee your annual gift of at least $6,000 to be made to The Associated in perpetuity.

When it comes to her allegiance to The Associated, Ronnie Glaser believes she gets back more than she puts in. “It’s just incredible – the experiences in the world, what you see along the way, insights you would never have had if you hadn’t been involved with this organization,” she says.

Since making her first gift to the Associated Women’s Campaign many years ago, Glaser has served as Women’s Campaign chair, participated in Associated-led missions and become a Lion of Judah.

For more information, contact Melinda Michel at or call 410-369-9289.

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