Our Investments

Real needs, relevant services, remarkable results

The Associated invests in our community on behalf of thousands of donors. Our funding plan is guided by the data and trends we report in Community Study, which we produce every 10 years. Of course, the community evolves constantly, and to meet its dynamic needs, we spend tens of thousands of hours each year in proactive planning. The 2010 Community Study has inspired close to 40 new programs and initiatives, each of which resulted from hard work by a taskforce that studied the underlying need and made cogent, specific funding recommendations to address them most effectively.

How we make funding decisions

We are a volunteer-driven and professionally supported organization. The nearly 40 commissions, committees and taskforces that investigate needs and make funding recommendations are composed of men and women like you — people who care about Jewish life in Baltimore and around the world.

The Community Study identifies specific areas of need — providing relevant service opportunities to Baby Boomers, for example. The Involvement Commission forms a taskforce composed of experts and stakeholders from The Associated, our agencies and others to participate. Over the course of several months or longer, the taskforce meets and develops an impact report and makes specific recommendations for services. If the Involvement Commission endorses the recommendations, they are elevated to the Community Planning and Allocations Executive Committee. With its approval, the recommendations are integrated into our overall funding plan for the coming fiscal year.

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