Meet Daniel Basner

Daniel's Jewish journey

Daniel Basner, a rising senior at New York University, is an example of someone who experienced personal growth as a result of his recent Onward Israel experience, a personalized eight-week summer internship program, offered through The Associated, that provides real-life work experience for college students. Daniel was able to see, smell, touch and feel Israeli life on his own for the first time.

Daniel, a Baltimore resident, traveled with his family on The Associated's 10-day Family Mission in 2007. While touring Israel opened his eyes to many new things, and allowed him to feel comfortable in his homeland, he was eager to immerse himself in daily Israeli life. 

"When I went to Israel on the family mission, it was a lot of fun, but being escorted from site to site is very different than living in a place and being given the opportunity to explore," says Daniel. 

A few years after the Family Mission, excited about returning to Israel, Daniel was looking for a program that would build his resume and provide an overseas adventure. 

"Onward hooked me up with an internship in computer science, but I also got to take in day-to-day life exploring Tel Aviv and spent Shabbat with my friends, discussing the issues facing the Jewish world today," Daniel explains. 

Now that Daniel has returned to the U.S., he looks forward to helping other students make the decision to live and work in Israel.

"I explain to others that Onward was great not only because I got to experience living and working in Tel Aviv, but also because I got to explore the country on my own," Daniel says. 

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