Meet Betsy Narrow

When Betsy Narrow and her husband moved to Baltimore in 1983, one of the first things they did to make connections in their new community was join the Jewish Community Center.

A self-described JCC kid in her native Harrisburg, PA., Betsy sought opportunities to take classes and participate in many of the center’s cultural arts program. Because of her background in theater, Betsy was drawn to acting troupes and shows hosted by the JCC. She directed and acted in a few herself.

After the couples’ children, Eric and Julia, joined the family, the JCC became a hub for their activities too. From Boy Scouts to tennis to roller hockey to lifeguarding classes, the Narrow children spent many hours gaining new skills and making new friends at the center. “We were definitely a JCC family,” she says.

Today, with both children out of the house and setting up their own lives as young adults, Betsy finds the JCC a great place to expand her horizons through art classes and programs, stay in shape with yoga and personal trainers, and make new friends among her classmates. “There is such a great variety of opportunities available,” says Betsy. “They offer almost everything you can think of and if they don’t have it, sometimes you can suggest it and they will start a class.”

Betsy’s Pikesville  home is located between the two JCC campuses and she appreciates the ability to use both the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC and the Weinberg Park Heights JCC. “The centers have two different personalities and depending on my mood, I can choose which one I go to,” she says.

In addition to the time she spends at the JCC, Betsy volunteers for The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, her synagogue, Beth El, Israel Bonds and the Levindale Auxiliary. She has even gotten some of her JCC friends involved in the projects she spearheads at Levindale.  “I met some of my first friends in the community through The Associated,” she recalls. “And I continue to meet new people at the JCC.”

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