Meet Larry Coleman and Rhona Rosenberg

His Story

There is no question that Larry Coleman is happy. Running to lunch with his new friend, Rhona, attending shows and parties held at Weinberg Village – even, planning Sunday brunch – he walks around with a big smile. It’s hard to believe this was the same person, who, only a few years ago, was spiraling downward after losing his wife.

“I was totally and completely depressed after my wife died,” he says. “I lost 30–35 pounds. I would walk around moping every day.”

He could no longer live in his house – the house in which he raised his family. He sold it, moving in temporarily with his daughter in Owings Mills, until she was able to secure him a spot at Weinberg Village in Owings Mills.

“I knew nothing about Weinberg Village when I moved in,” he recalls. But, slowly, Larry began participating in activities. He began to socialize more. One day, returning from running errands, he saw a group hanging out on the porch of one of the buildings. Recognizing a friend – she was a bridesmaid at his wedding – he stopped to chat. Soon, these porch talks with other residents became a regular habit – and one that would eventually change his life.

Her Story

More than 30 years ago, Rhona Rosenberg found herself alone, with three small children. She returned to work for many years, while raising her family.

Upon retiring, Rhona moved to Florida. But hoping to be close to her daughter who lived in Baltimore, she returned to her hometown. Putting her name on the list for Weinberg Village, she secured an apartment when she moved back.

Soon, she was bringing her dynamic personality and “can-do” attitude to Baltimore and her new community. She became treasurer of her building, helping to plan activities. She volunteered at Weinberg’s convenience store as well as for Jewish Community Services’ Mitzvah Mobility program, taking residents to doctor’s appointments and the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC (walking the track often while she waited to take them home). She became a liaison for her building, talking to management, The Associated and local politicians to get things done.

Their Story

Larry Coleman remembers it vividly. One day, when he stopped by to chat with his new friends on the porch, he noticed someone new. Rhona Rosenberg grabbed his interest; they started to talk. The two hit it off and were soon spending time together, taking walks, getting lunch, running errands. They participated in Weinberg activities, from Friday night services to Saturday evening movies. Thanks to the work of Gayle Newman, Weinberg Village’s Adult Life Coordinator, who gets tickets to Baltimore theaters for residents (and offers the bus so they don’t have to drive), the two attend show together downtown. They shop weekly for Sunday brunch that brings together the Weinberg Village community.

Living in Weinberg Village and meeting one another has made this stage of their life a productive and happy one.

“People ask me what it is like at Weinberg. I tell them there are so many things to do,” says Rhona.

“Weinberg is a community. You meet people you never would have met. You come here and you instantly have a family,” she adds.

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