Meet Evan Goldman

"I remember going to Super Sunday with my parents. I was too young to make calls so I'd run around the place and pick up pledge cards and deliver balloons.

I got to see my parents in action, giving back to the community – and it made a real lasting impression," says Evan Goldman of his family's dedication to Jewish Baltimore.

Evan's parents planted seeds of philanthropy that are now bearing fruit in the way Evan and Payton are raising their kids to understand what they believe is a great responsibility and honor – to give back to the Jewish people locally and overseas. Today, Jack, 10, and Emma, 7, already have long-standing gifts in their own names. "We started giving in each of our kid’s names when they were born, so 25 years from now, when they become Circle of Giving members, they'll be able to take over that gift themselves as the youngest members of this society, with donors three times their age surrounding them, they'll have a legacy and a momentum for giving."

The Goldmans are intentional about instilling a mentality of giving in the next generation. By participating as a family during Super Sunday, contributing individual gifts and setting up a donor advised philanthropic fund at The Associated, they hope to perpetuate an inclination for caring and doing. They're proud to see that their 10-year-old is heading a fundraiser at his school, and look forward to involving him and Emma in the philanthropic distributions from their philanthropic fund in a few years.

"Setting up our Philanthropic Fund at The Associated was smart. I'm a lawyer. That's my area of expertise. I trust a broker to handle our finances. Doctors to handle our healthcare. And I trust The Associated to make wise investments in our community. I've seen the results of the Jewish Community Investment Fund and I know the committee is managing community dollars wisely, keeping costs low and preserving the resources we have for future generations."

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