Meet Jerry and Sora

Jerry and Sora Wolasky feel passionately about the affordability of Jewish life.

They believe that a Jewish education must be available to every Jewish child of any denomination, as “it perpetuates who we are as a people and we have to do something about making it accessible to the families in our community.”

As Associated donors for many years, they have witnessed the deep impact of our work in Baltimore, in Israel and overseas. But their commitment accelerated when they understood how The Associated was impacting their personal values in the community they call home and where Jerry sits on the boards of Talmudical Academy and Bnos Yisroel.

“There is such stress and pressure on the families committed to giving their children a Torah education, and The Associated is actually looking for answers and implementing funding strategies that are making day schools more affordable for this generation and for future generations. Without the generous funding from The Associated – Weinberg Foundation Day School Initiative, our schools would struggle to survive. There is nothing that could replace that level of investment, “ says Jerry thoughtfully.

“We’re all tugged in many ways to help truly critical organizations, and many of us still struggle to make ends meet ourselves. People often look at The Associated and think – that’s work someone else can do. But we have to realize, we’re also benefactors and we have to participate to whatever extent we are capable. It’s not about the size of the gift, it’s about the commitment to our Jewish values.”

Jerry and Sora believe in a collective responsibility. They believe, whatever the stream of Judaism, we all have to look out for one another. And they have found their support of The Associated enables them to put their values into action, right here at home.


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