Meet Dixie Leikach

Dixie's Second Family

From her first moments in Ashkelon, Dixie Leikach was inspired by the connections she made in Baltimore's partner city. These friendships gave Dixie a deeper commitment to Israel and motivated her to become active in the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership.

In 2007, Dixie and her family took their first trip to Israel on an Associated Family Mission where they built a community payground in Ashkelon. Since then, their connection to Israel has only grown stronger.

Dixie has returned six times, and has infused Israel into her family's daily life. The Leikachs hosted one of Baltimore's first Shinshinim, a young volunteer who spent a year educating and connecting young Baltimoreans to Israel. Her son even extended a recent trip to Israel to volunteer in Ashkelon. 

When Dixie had the opportunity to join the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, she knew she could help strengthen bonds between the two communities. "When I go to Israel and say I'm from Baltimore, everyone knows where I live. I want Jewish Baltimoreans to know where Ashkelon is," she says.

Recognizing that not everyone can travel, she hopes to bring Ashkelon to Baltimore. "You have to make a personal connection – whether you travel there, become a host family or join an Israeli book discussion. Through the Partnership and The Associated, we bring awareness of Ashkelon that helps us connect and learn about Israel." 

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