Meet Anna Tova Levin

Anna Tova Levin has you covered. That is, if you need information on Jewish Baltimore.

Over playdates, coffee (or just about anywhere), she, along with other Community Connectors, meets with individuals interested in connecting to Jewish life in Baltimore – often making new friends in the process.

“The Baltimore Jewish community can be so overwhelming at times. I become a resource, providing information on programs where you can meet other Jewish families – like those at the Downtown Baltimore JCC or Pearlstone Farm. Or, I provide background on synagogues, Jewish preschools or camp. I put people in touch with what they are interested in.”

Anna, who grew up in San Francisco, always felt a connection to Judaism. As a teen, she was one of the first participants in the Diller Teen Fellows program, which started in her hometown.

When she came east to go to college – she attended Johns Hopkins University – she immediately joined Hillel. When she mentioned her prior involvement with Diller, she was asked to become involved with the establishment of the program at The Associated.

Returning to Baltimore after a brief stint in New Orleans for graduate school, Anna and her husband, whom she met through Hopkins Hills, wanted to get re-involved with the Jewish community. She volunteered with Jewish Volunteer Connection, then signed up for PJ Library when her daughter, Julia, was born.

It was through PJ Library and Macks CJE that she learned about CJE Connectors. Connectors reach out to young families who are interested, but not connected to, Jewish life in Baltimore, helping them find the resources and programs they need.

“One mother wanted to attend a Got Shabbat program but was worried she didn’t know anyone. I offered to go with her and helped introduce her to several new people.”

“In another case, there was a woman who grew up in Baltimore and left for college. She returned when she was married. Because she is in an interfaith relationship, it was important to her to expose her daughter to the Jewish community. But she wasn’t sure how to go about it. I introduced her to The Associated and some of its programs that I thought there might be interest.”

For Anna, it’s been rewarding helping young families find the Jewish piece they are craving. “If you know someone in Jewish Baltimore, it is less intimidating,” says Anna. “The CJE Connectors can be those people, helping young Jewish families find each other and providing them with the resources they might need to become more engaged in our Jewish community.”

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