Meet Maddie Schwartz

Maddie Schwartz admits she’s gained so much from Jewish camp that she hopes every child who wants a Jewish overnight camp experience can go.

That’s one of the reasons she wrote a book about a first-time camper that demystifies camp and it’s why she committed proceeds from its sales for camp scholarships.

It’s also why she’s a Teen Ambassador for The Associated’s Center for Jewish Camping, where she talks to new families about how much she loves Jewish camp. The Center promotes Jewish day and overnight camp opportunities to the community.

She speaks about the fun activities, from arts to folk dancing. She talks about the people. “I feel so connected to everyone,” she admits. “Camp made me realize that I’m with all these different people, but we are all the same.” She mentions how she’s learned to be a leader and to take control of situations.

Maddie, who first attended overnight camp when she was 10, particularly enjoys Havdalah, held every Saturday evening. There is a feeling of one big family where everyone joins in to sing and Israelis act out the Torah portion. “It’s so beautiful. The candles are everywhere and this is the time you feel most unified,” she says.

The concept for the book first came about because this year Maddie will be a CIT and she is expected to give back to the community. This high school student loves to write so she thought she’d bring her natural talents to the project.
The book includes a tour of camp with a description of why each place is fun. There is also a fictional story about a first-timer nervous about her first camp experience. Her mother talks to a CIT, who in turn, tells the young girl all the wonderful things there are to do at camp.

“There is a sense of unity at a Jewish camp where we all have something in common. We are one big family. You can’t get that from other camps,” she says.

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