Meet Michael Burkom

JCS Mitzvah Mobility volunteer Michael Burkom talks glowingly about the elderly, visually-impaired gentleman who recently lost his wife, a woman he leaned on for many years.

It’s a man, Michael says, who always sports a smile; a man who has become a true friend.

For this older adult is one of Michael’s Jewish Community Services (JCS) Mitzvah Mobility clients, one of many whom he volunteers to drive to medical appointments, sits with in doctors’ offices and personally escorts to the door. He’s even traded family stories.

About seven years ago, Michael, who spent years transporting his mother to her medical appointments, wondered how seniors without family made it to the doctor. He discovered the JCS Volunteer Mitzvah Mobility program, and now drives and accompanies JCS clients several times a week. “People sometimes pour their hearts out to me,” he says, adding “JCS offers more than a transportation service; they offer tender loving care.”

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