Meet Carol Sandler

Growing up, Carol Sandler watched her parents give back to the Baltimore community through their extensive volunteer activities and philanthropy.

In fact, late in his life her father talked to Carol and her two brothers about setting up a donor-advised fund so they could decide individually or together about giving to charities of their choice. Today, the Greif Family Fund, a donor-advised fund of The Associated, helps many individuals and organizations in our community.

Building on family tradition, Carol shares her thoughts on giving back:

"I learned about philanthropy from my parents. They were generous and conveyed to us that it was our obligation to give back because of our fortunate circumstances. My mom was a professional volunteer and we'd often talk at the dinner table about what she did that day. We occasionally joined in on projects with which she was involved.

I support causes in the Jewish community, such as The Associated and The Edward A. Myerberg Center, and organizations in the general community to which I have a connection. For example, I attended Friends School and contribute there.

One of my largest gifts from the fund is to The Associated's Annual Campaign because they know what's going on in the community, and I trust them to distribute money to what's needed most. For this reason, this past year I endowed my annual campaign gift so it can continue after my lifetime. 

I am passionate about making life better for older adults. I was the oldest grandchild on both sides and spent time with my two grandmothers. During my teens, I traveled several times with each one to Europe. They were social, vibrant, intelligent ladies and so much fun. Both died at an old age, 96 and 101.

I feel that we need to continually explore ways and develop programs to keep seniors intellectually curious, healthy and active. This is why I'm involved with The Myerberg Center and volunteer for Jewish Community Services' Mitzvah Mobility program. 

The lesson I've learned from volunteering is to find meaningful opportunities, become involved in what you care about and look at ways you can apply your skills. Keep in mind you must enjoy the work itself. You meet the nicest people when volunteering because everyone who does this has a great attitude and wants to help!

My advice about giving is to give to things that resonate with you. Find your passion and support it. Whatever gift you can give is fine. It doesn't have to be big to be meaningful." 

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