Meet Sara Malinow

Greetings from Israel: 60 Seconds with Sara Malinow

University: Rising sophomore at University of Maryland, College Park studying Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Law.

Internship: I am working for an online magazine called Happy in Tel Aviv where I write articles, run social media accounts, translate content from French and Hebrew and take videos of Tel Aviv for a current project.

Recently at my internship: I taught myself French. After weeks of suffering through conversations between my bosses (who both made Aliyah [immigrated to Israel] from France), I decided to focus on the language as I translated and rewrote one of 50 articles from French to English. I know how to say “It sounds better in French” in French, and with two French people as your bosses, that’s really all that matters.

The Israelis I’ve met are unlike any breed of human that can be encountered on the planet. Not only have the people I’ve met been straightforward and blunt but they’ve been charming and overall nicer than the majority of Americans I’ve met. The quality of life in Israel is, in my opinion, simply happier than in the States and from them, I’ve learned to live each day fully.

If you’re in Tel Aviv, you’re going to the beach. Imagine a tropical Caribbean beach with less coral reefs and more people. Nothing beats the beaches in Tel Aviv, which have been rated the ninth best in the world according to National Geographic. But for my fair-skin friends (or those of you trying to avoid wrinkles), there is plenty to do other than bake in the sun and splash in the sea. Tel Aviv has some of the best shopping I’ve seen, but it will require you to abandon your current fashion trends and adapt to the (much better) style of Tel Aviv.

Baltimore Onward Israel provided me with an opportunity unlike any other. Instead of simply visiting Tel Aviv and exploring for a day or two, I was given the gift to live in Tel Aviv for two months. I was given the opportunity to immerse myself in Tel Aviv culture and lifestyle, whether it be through work, food or daily activities. I was provided with the chance to go to other places in Israel and gain a greater understanding and perspective of what makes Israel holy and what makes it so special. My experience with Onward Israel has been simply unforgettable.

I would recommend Onward Israel to anyone with a desire to further their connection with Israel, a strong sense-of-self, a thirst for adventure, a passion for trying new things and a love for this country.

And for a more realistic answer: I’d recommend the program to anyone who isn’t allergic to sesame seeds, doesn’t mind if their hair looks like Mufasa from The Lion King, has little taste for fancy living, speaks/reads some Hebrew, understands public transportation easily and is great at making new friends!

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