Meet Tali

Tali's talent

Tali turned a childhood of misfortune into a life of hope and prosperity. 

At age 14, she arrived at Orr Shalom, a group home for oppressed children, after being removed from her small apartment in Ashkelon where she lived with her biological mother who suffered from alcoholism and severe depression. Tali was resistant when she first arrived because she had spent her entire short life taking care of her mother. For the first time, Tali had the opportunity to care for and nurture herself.

While in a group therapy session, the Orr Shalom house parent quickly discovered Tali's musical talent. Thanks to funding from The Associated, she was enrolled in a variety of services to address her personal development and provide her with private guitar and voice lessons, both of which have increased her self confidence. 

When she's not in school, she spends her time entertaining the other girls living at Orr Shalom. She is slowly learning to enjoy life and to place her needs first. She gains great comfort from her passion of music and atttributes it to her healing. "I hope to help other girls like me someday," she says. 

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