Meet The Weinberg Family

Engaging the Next Generation in a Supporting Foundation

The Nathan & Lillian Weinberg Family Foundation, a supporting foundation of The Associated, was established in 1994. With an eye toward intergenerational succession, the three sons of Nathan and Lillian Weinberg (Donn, Glenn and Joe) took on responsibility as directors from the onset.

For nearly 20 years, Donn, Glenn and Joe served on the foundation’s board and played a major role in guiding its overall direction. During their tenure, the foundation had a significant impact on many Jewish identity-building programs locally and overseas. In addition, the foundation has always recognized the importance of The Associated’s annual campaign in serving the broadest needs of the Jewish community.

In 2012, the family decided it was time for the third generation to be involved with the foundation. Joe Weinberg talks about that process, along with his nephew Paul.

Joe: We wanted to wait until our kids reached a certain age and level of maturity before we involved them in the foundation. Our kids knew about the foundation when they were young, but we didn’t talk about it often. What was talked about – and underscored – was the importance of giving back.

Paul: At my first meeting, my dad, uncles and aunts told us that the foundation was important to them and now should be important to us. They stressed how lucky we were to be in a position to give back.

Joe: We had a long discussion about the importance and obligation that comes along with this responsibility. We stressed strongly that this foundation wasn’t their personal resource. Being a director means you have to separate your individual interests from the purpose of the foundation. It also means that giving from the foundation is not in lieu of one’s own personal obligation to give.

Paul: Lauren Klein (Director of Family Philanthropy at Philanthropic Planning & Services) has been invaluable in giving us direction. She presented us with funding opportunities in the Jewish community and provided us with questions for us to think about to help make our decisions.

Joe: We want the foundation to be used as a vehicle to teach the next generation about the needs of the Jewish community. We talked about the focus of the foundation and how it should support Jewish causes both here and abroad, including The Associated’s annual campaign.

Paul: None of us takes this responsibility lightly. We appreciate having to make these decisions. We may not unanimously agree, but we ultimately come to a consensus. We have always spent time together as a family, and now the foundation brings the next generation closer together in a new way. We look forward to ultimately involving the fourth generation in our family’s legacy.

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