Create A Jewish Legacy

With planning, anyone can leave a legacy

Philanthropy can be more complicated than writing a check. When you are ready to become more intentional about your giving and your legacy, you’ll have questions like, “Is it better to make a significant gift during my lifetime, or would a gift from my estate be a better move for my family?” “Is it complicated to gift assets?” And, “Can I give in a way that provides retirement income?” The Associated’s experienced professionals will work with you and your advisors to answer these questions and craft the giving plan that works best for your life, lifestyle, and legacy goals.

Your legacy - preserving for your values long into the future

You give generously now to help make this community a wonderful place to live. Leaving a legacy ensures your grandchildren and succeeding generations will live in a community supported by your enduring gift that reflects your values. There are many ways to leave a legacy:

Make a Bequest in Your Will
A simple bequest in your will designated for The Associated is the most common option for leaving your legacy.

Name The Associated as the Beneficiary of Your IRA or Retirement Plan
Your IRA or retirement plan can be subject to high estate and income taxes, leaving precious few dollars for your heirs. When planning your legacy for charity, always consider using these assets first. The more you can save on your tax bill, the more your heirs will stand to inherit from you.

Establish a Charitable Income Plan
A Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity provides you or a loved one with needed current income while creating a means to provide a charitable legacy after your lifetime. Important tax benefits and possible increased income are available.

Create Your Legacy Today with an Outright Gift of Cash, Stock or Other Property
Take advantage of immediate income tax benefits and create your legacy during your lifetime. The Associated will work with you to identify the most tax-efficient way to establish your legacy right away.

Use Life Insurance
The gift of a life insurance policy is particularly appealing for younger individuals because of its reasonable cost and tax benefit. When The Associated is the owner and beneficiary of the policy, the premium payments that you make are tax deductible. If you have an older policy that you no longer need for your family’s protection, you may be able to contribute that policy and realize a tax benefit.

We will guide you fully through the intricacies and options, protecting your interests and ensuring your legacy.

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