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We provide specialized support to families with donor-advised funds and supporting foundations – identifying funding opportunities in your specific areas of interest, facilitating the grant-making process and performing due diligence to ensure meaningful outcomes from your grants. Establishing your fund or foundation with us is a wise thing to do. We already administer close to 300 donor-advised funds and more than 50 foundations. We offer you concierge service, grant-making expertise and superior investment performance.

When you establish an endowment, donor-advised fund or supporting foundation at The Associated, it will be invested in The Associated’s Jewish Community Investment Fund (JCIF), guided by an investment committee composed of volunteers and professionals with extensive financial and investment experience. With more than $650 million in assets, the JCIF pools and invests the assets of The Associated and its agencies, supporting foundations, donor-advised funds and other Jewish charitable organizations. The goal of the JCIF is to obtain superior investment results through diversification and provide better access to investment managers.


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Year In Review

Year in Review 2014

Reflecting on our financial strength and stability, we are delighted to report that the charitable assets of our endowment program at year end exceeded $750 million. This is due in part to outstanding investment results which yielded a 17.4 percent return for the year. Our Jewish Community Investment Fund (JCIF) remains among the top performing endowment funds of all federations in the country. This unparalleled success of our investments enabled our supporting foundations, donor-advised funds and endowments to distribute more than $47 million to programs that span the entire range of philanthropic endeavors.

This report will give you a glimpse of some special donors who are helping to strengthen our community through their time and resources. They exemplify the values of the people with whom we engage, advise and collaborate. What stands out is the way in which their involvement in the community has informed and guided their philanthropy. Read more.

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