New Solar Farm to Offset Electricity Used by The Associated

Expect The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore to be a little “greener” by 2019 as part of its newest commitment to solar energy.

The organization is performing due diligence to analyze a 20-year lease agreement for a solar farm, which would be located in Anne Arundel County, to be built to offset its electricity consumption. When the farm becomes operational in mid- to late 2019, it is estimated that approximately one-half of The Associated’s electricity for all its buildings, including 101 Mt. Royal Avenue, the JCC, the Jewish Museum of Maryland and Pearlstone Center, will be offset through this project.

In addition, investing in solar power is expected to generate significant energy savings for The Associated, decreasing its electric bills by about $1 million over the next two decades.

“The Associated system has long prided itself and been publically recognized as a leader in environmental and sustainability efforts. The addition of green power from a solar farm is not only advancing this organizational value, but also will have a clear positive economic impact on our system as well,” says Marc B. Terrill, president of The Associated.

The initiative is part of a Baltimore Gas and Electric program for nonprofits to participate in solar power generation, allowing them to purchase renewable energy at very competitive rates. This type of solar development is a common structure for solar energy projects, and it enables organizations to invest in renewable energy generation without a prohibitive upfront capital expenditure.

This solar project is one component of The Associated’s larger community sustainability initiative, which is overseen by The Pearlstone Center.

“The Pearlstone Center and the Sustainability Coalition it facilitates is committed to catalyzing change towards greater sustainability and environmental health in Baltimore’s Jewish community. Through the aggregation of the electrical demand of The Associated agencies, Pearlstone is a proud partner for the large-scale solar array,” says Jakir Manela, executive director of the Pearlstone Center.

Manela adds that in conjunction with the solar project, Pearlstone “received a grant to create educational materials for participating agencies and organizations for teaching community members about solar energy.”

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