Baltimore Cohort Working In-Person this Summer for Israeli Companies

Ten college students are participating in Onward Israel, an 11-week hybrid internship program subsidized by The Associated and uniquely crafted this summer for our Baltimore cohort. These students all hail from Baltimore but attend universities around the country. Read about several of the participants and their experiences so far living and working in Tel Aviv.

Meet Lexi Silverman 

University: University of Maryland—College Park, rising senior and majoring in Marketing with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership & Social Innovation. 

Internship: My main responsibilities at Joy Group are managing four different social media accounts. I’m in charge of creating intriguing content and getting people to like, share, and comment. I’m starting a social media campaign from scratch and helping out with whatever Joy Group needs from me that day.

I chose to do Baltimore Onward Israel because of how organized I heard it was and the connection to Ashkelon. I love our partner city and knew I wanted to go back after my experience in Diller. I have strong ties to Baltimore and wanted to do my Onward experience through them. 

Since arriving in Tel Aviv, my favorite thing to do is walking everywhere. I purposefully got an Apple Watch two days before we left to calculate my steps. It’s become a game to complete my activity ring and so far, every day in Israel I have done that. Walking to the beach, the shuk, the mall, Dizengoff street or Rothschild boulevard has become a favorite pastime of mine. 

When I am not working, I can be found at the beach! I love on Shabbat going to the beach to relax and read my book. 

What I love most about my internship is the people. On my first day of work, I was told three things. 1. Find yourself 2. Have fun 3. Do the first two while doing your work at Joy Group. My boss is amazing and funny. I love working with him and the other interns.

Meet Acey Vogelstein

University: University of Pennsylvania, rising junior and Economics major

Internship: My main roles and responsibilities at Meidata are extracting data from various sources and organizing it on Excel spreadsheets to gain insight on business objectives. I’m currently working on a project to determine the next best flavors that Strauss should focus on in its food products.

I chose to do Baltimore Onward Israel because I’ve always been connected to Israel spiritually and religiously, but I’ve never had the opportunity to experience the strong professional culture that Tel Aviv offers. I’ve traveled to Israel a few times for brief vacations, so it’s definitely amazing to me to live here independently and engage in the Israeli lifestyle with peers from the same hometown.

My favorite thing to eat is shawarma in a laffa (thin flatbread)!

If my friends and family were here, I would take them to the Sarona Market; there are so many amazing restaurants there!

When I am not working, I can be found hanging out with my roommates on the balcony of our apartment.

Meet Lilly Sibel 

University: University of Maryland—College Park, rising senior and majoring in Journalism.

Internship:  In my internship with SnappersTv, a startup company, I am responsible for looking out for events going on around the world and finding someone to record and report on the event in person.

I chose to do Baltimore Onward because my older brother did it and had an amazing experience. 

Since arriving in Tel Aviv my favorite thing to do is going to the beach with my friends on the weekends and after work. 

Being in Israel at this time I feel very lucky. This past year was crazy, and I am grateful that I get to be living in Tel Aviv and experiencing another culture. 

The biggest difference between living at home and in Tel Aviv is the transportation system. At home, I had never really used public transportation but being here I use it all the time and so does everyone else. 

If my friends and family were here, I would take them to Rothschild Street because it is really cool and there are fun bars and restaurants.

In accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines, this year’s hybrid program includes remote and in-person experiences. In addition to building their resumes through internships at corporations and non-profits participants will travel around the country and spend time in our partner city, Ashkelon. The program will conclude virtually in Baltimore. 

Over the years, Baltimore Onward Israel has successfully provided participants with long-term, meaningful connections to Israel and a strong commitment to Jewish life upon returning home. There are currently over 1,300 Onward Israel participants from North America and beyond interning throughout Israel. 

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