Changing Lives Together: Spotlight on New Initiatives Supported by The Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership

The Associated’s Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership has connected our communities for 20 years through collaborative projects that build long-lasting and meaningful relationships and a great love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Through the careful stewardship of The Associated’s Community Planning & Allocations Israel and Global committees and support of the Jewish Life Lead Team, Associated Annual Campaign funds are allocated to care for those in need around the world and to foster personal connections to Israel and the global Jewish community.

This year, 17 programs are being funded through The Associated’s Annual Campaign. 

Each year, the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership committees focus on the changing needs of each community by focusing on thematic areas. Two thematic areas for new programs this year focus on accessibility and support to Holocaust survivors.

Here are some of the new programs being funded:  

kids playing soccer

Soccer for Children with Disabilities (Ilay Association)

The Ilay Association operates soccer teams for individuals with disabilities that are appropriate for the age and rate of development of children. During training, the participants, ages 10-20, learn the rules of the game, practice, play and strengthen themselves socially, emotionally and physically, through fun sports activities. This is also an opportunity for them to get out of their daily routine. During the year the 30 participants from Ashkelon compete in tournaments throughout the country and meet new friends. 

older mother and daughter embracing

Providing Immediate Assistance to Holocaust Survivors in Need in Ashkelon (The Foundation for the Welfare of Holocaust Victims)   

There are approximately 5,000 Holocaust survivors in Ashkelon whose daily needs are not being met. This program will address these services, free of charge for survivors, and ensures a quick response when issues arise. These include: subsidizing dental treatments, performing accessibility enhancement adjustments in survivors’ apartments, providing vision tests and eyeglasses and other immediate needs such as medical and para-medical equipment, basic home appliances and ambulance evacuation. 

Shef-IL (Latet – Israeli Humanitarian Aid) 

The average age of Holocaust Survivors is 85–many of whom suffer from high medical expenses and low pensions. SHEF-IL was created to raise awareness of this silent crisis. SHEF-IL maximizes resources and leverages partnerships to reach increased number of Survivors and address their urgent needs as quickly as possible. This project coordinates with the municipality, social workers, and other organizations to understand and support the needs of the Holocaust survivors in Ashkelon. It is the only program in Israel that aids Holocaust survivors by providing holistic care, such as a monthly food box, in-house emergency and medical care, home repairs and volunteers to relieve loneliness. 

The Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership is an essential part of The Associated’s Israel and Global efforts to connect our Jewish community to those in Israel and around the world. 

To learn more about these programs and other programs funded by the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, please click here.

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