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When it comes to friendship, it is very rare to find two friends who have shared many of the same life experiences as Adam Finkelstein and Matt Sacks. Adam and Matt first met at Skylemar, a camp in Naples, Maine when they were six years old, but didn’t truly become buddies until they both, coincidentally, attended the Jemicy School in Baltimore. In recognition of International Day of Friendship celebrated on July 30, Adam and Matt shared with us what friendship means to them.

Favorite memory from childhood?

Matt: One of my favorite memories I can recall from our times at Jemicy was having classes, like Social Studies, together and constantly making each other laugh.

Adam: My favorite memory is when Matt would make me laugh while I was drinking water and I ended up spitting it out.


What was it like doing Baltimore Onward Israel together?

Matt: The Baltimore Onward Israel trip in the summer of 2018 was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having my best friend with me during the experience made the trip that much better and one we both will never forget. The best memories I have from our time in Israel was going to the Sarona Market across the street from where we lived and trying all of the amazing food options.

Adam: It was great. Exploring Tel Aviv and Israel together was a life experience I’ll never forget. My favorite memories were travelling to Tel Aviv in search of the best food spots and spending Shabbat together with a host family in Ashkelon to get a true Israeli Shabbat experience.   

Life today?

Matt: I am an advisor at a global commercial real estate firm in Baltimore. Since both Adam and I live at home currently, we have been fortunate enough to see each other and, pre-covid, socialized almost every weekend. It has been great being home and having friends of ours back from their respective universities. 

Adam: I live in Baltimore today, working for a company doing marketing and IT. Matt and I are still involved in each other’s lives. We see each other pretty often, whether it’s grabbing dinner, hanging out or being involved in the Jewish community. 


Tell us about Beyachad/Together ( a 10-month experience, sponsored by The Associated, for young adults, designed to deepen connections with Israelis and the global Jewish community).

Matt: Before signing up for Beyachad, I was searching for another group I could join that has an Israeli connection, but does not involve physically going there, since I had just started a new job. I figured that since Adam and I are both extremely passionate about Israel, and being involved in the Baltimore community, that this would be the perfect opportunity.

Adam: Matt approached me about participating in Beyachad and I was immediately interested. We decided to do this together because of all the great memories and love for Israel we both share and our eagerness to be involved in the Jewish community as recent college graduates.


What does friendship mean to you?

Matt: Friendship to me is having one another’s back. When I think back on Adam’s and my friendship, one of the common traits we both share towards one another is the confidence in knowing that when things get tough, one of us will have the other’s back. Adam is a true “3 in the morning” type of friend which means that if I were in a difficult situation at 3a.m., I know Adam would be right there to help me if I asked.

Adam: What friendship means to me is having someone who you can always rely on. Someone who is there to talk to when you are in need. Most importantly, a friend is someone who is kind and accepts you fully, sharing the same interests and always willing to be there for you through thick and thin.

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