Sarenka Smith Welcomes You
Back To Camp!

Pack a bag and get ready, because you’re going back to camp — Welcome to Camp Nai!

This time, you will be guided by your new Camp Ambassador, Sarenka Smith.

A Baltimore native, Sarenka has fond memories of camp. Whether it was meeting her first crush at a camp dance or spending time in the pool, Sarenka knows the importance of those early camp experiences.

“My favorite camp memory is just gathering around a bonfire, making s’mores and relaxing in everyone’s presence at night.”

Since then, Sarenka has involved herself with The Associated’s Young Adult Division (YAD).

“I personally got involved with The Associated because I was looking to enrich and nourish my own sense of Jewish community in Baltimore. The Associated provides many opportunities for young adults, whether it’s through development or involvement.”

One of YAD’s latest efforts is their upcoming event, YAD Goes to Camp Nai. Located up in Waynesboro, PA, YAD is joined by Moishe House and other organizations for an extended weekend of Jewish camp — but with a twist.

This Labor Day weekend, Jewish young adults will be channeling their inner-child, returning to camp (or perhaps experiencing it for the first time) to disconnect from the stressors of daily life and tap into child-like joy. This program will connect you with new people and will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

“Adults should go to camp for a break,” says Sarenka. “A break from the hustle and bustle and daily grind. This is going to be such a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere and you deserve it.”

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