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Hurricane Ida 

Hurricane Ida ripped through the country, leaving devastation and destruction in its wake. Catastrophic needs have begun to emerge along the Gulf Coast, which saw the worst of Ida’s wrath. Although it will be days and weeks before we know the totality of Ida’s impact, we’ve already seen homes and businesses severely flooded and damaged, while hundreds of thousands of residents are without phone service, electricity and water.  

Support our special emergency fund to provide emergency supplies and assistance to those in Louisiana who are suffering and in desperate need. We are working with our national partners who are intimately involved in the recovery efforts to help the displaced residents with basic needs and services. 

Afghan Refugees 

The situation in Afghanistan is still unfolding; thousands are rushing to escape the country as they fear what will come next – violent retaliation, attacks, chaos and uncertainty. This large-scale displacement has become a humanitarian emergency. 

Our Jewish traditions and values teach and guide us to care for our fellow human beings and welcome the stranger among us, the Associated is here to help. We have launched an emergency fund to assist with the resettlement of Afghan refugees. 100% of funds donated will be distributed to our international and national partners to ensure food, clothing, and other emergency expenses for those resettled individuals and families in the US. 

We will continue to monitor this escalating situation on the ground to ensure funds meet the most pressing needs. 

Haiti Earthquake 

The Republic of Haiti suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, killing at least 1,500 people and injuring thousands more. And now, a tropical storm system is threatening to unleash more havoc with flash flooding and mudslides. The full impact on Haiti will be difficult to predict. 

The Associated is working with our key international partner, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and its network of local partners in Haiti to assess emerging needs and provide immediate emergency relief. 

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