Rich Topaz: Julius Rosenberg Memorial Award | Mensches in Cars Getting Coffee

What is a Mensch? What does it mean to personify the word? That is what Rich Topaz intends to answer.

Rich Topaz recently joined Yanky Schorr in our latest Mensches in Cars Getting Coffee. As this year’s Julius Rosenberg Memorial Award winner, Rich is certainly a Mensch. But what about those in his life?

Here is a brief excerpt from the video!

Yanky: What is a Mensch to You?

Rich: I think a Mensch is somebody who is a leader. Who’s a good person. Someone who is likable and who really serves others.

Yanky: Who do you look up to and say ‘That’s a Mensch‘? Give me a few of those names.

Rich: The ultimate for me is always my grandfather, who’s no longer with us. But he was the person who, growing up, I wanted to emulate. He was the guy who talked to everybody. He’s a real salt of the earth guy. He’d sit down, talk to whoever would listen. My wife, Heidi is such a Mensch too. She is getting more involved with The Associated but what she does for people — she’s the consummate get involved with everything. She’s someone I absolutely would look up to for that.

Check out the video below for the full interview!

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