Gifts of Stock

Making a gift of stock to The Associated is easy. It can be initiated with a call to your broker. If your broker holds the shares in “street name,” you can instruct your broker to make the gift by electronic transfer to the account below.

The stock instructions are as follows:
E*TRADE Securities
Account name: Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore
Account number: 511-142107; DTC # 0015
FFC: [account name or number]

Contact The Associated with stock transfer details.

Prior to making your gift of stock to The Associated, please email the details to Include the date you sent the stock, stock name, the number of shares and the brokerage account from which the gift is being made. If the stock is designated for a donor advised fund, please provide the name of your fund and fund number. You may also call Lesley Austen at 410-369-9297 with questions or to let us know of the pending stock gift arrival. 

Providing notice prior to donating stock to The Associated makes it possible for us to credit and acknowledge your gift in a timely fashion.

Gifts of Stock Certificates

If you have the stock certificates in your possession, you can deliver the stock certificate(s) along with a completed Stock Power and a Letter of Intent to The Associated. The Letter of Intent should state your intention to make a gift of the specific shares being tendered. For example, your Letter of Intent might read: “I hereby am delivering to and making a gift of (XX) shares of XYZ Corporation to The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, Inc. as a charitable gift.”  

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