Additional High Holiday Resources

This year, very few of us will feel the shared awe of praying together in community or the delight of gathering with our families for festive meals.  
But together we can fashion High Holiday experiences of joy and meaning for us and our families.  

List Compiled by Jewish Grandparents Network


Learn more about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 


Resources for children and grandchildren 


High Holiday books for children 


Jewish Music and Art for the High Holidays 


Mental health awareness during the High Holidays



Among the most potent and memorable rituals of Rosh Hashanah is Tashlich (Hebrew for ‘cast off’), where we symbolically cast off our sins by tossing bread or rice into a body of water to be carried off by the current. If you live near a lake, stream, or river, or are fortunate to live close to the ocean, place some stale bread, crackers, or cereal in plastic containers and go for a wonderful outing with family members. If a body of water isn’t available, Kveller offers some wonderful alternatives



Each Yom Kippur we observe Yizkor and light a Yahrtzeit candle for loved ones who have passed away.  This year, consider honoring the memory of these love ones by purchasing Yartzeit candles from Extraordinary Ventures of New York, an organization that creates & operates businesses that provide meaningful employment for individuals with autism & other developmental challenges. View their online store.


What to do at home for the holidays…

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