Why Jewish Camp

If you could see camp through my eyes...

Below are some testimonies that were written by current and former campers and their families. Have you had a great experience at camp and want to share it with us? Please email it to Janna

“Camp was where I could do anything I put my mind to, surrounded by great friends and inspiring mentors. It was the place where I could climb towers, perform in talent shows, and play the Aleinu on the harmonica during Shabbat services.” – Dan S.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without my Jewish camp experiences. I learned how to horseback ride, kayak, daven after meals, and most importantly met hundreds of Jewish friends that became my family.” – Lisa K.

“At camp, I have someone to turn to when I need a friend, all over the Country.”– Laura D.

“Camp has been a community where the values that I live by in my day-to-day life were the values that I learned through the culture at camp.” – Ella M.

“My favorite part of camp is Shabbat, it’s such a special and unique part of the week and it’s the epitome of why camp is so amazing.”– Mia K.

“Besides the fun and great activities throughout the day, the best past of camp is the bonding; the friendships that you make last a lifetime.”– Jack Q.

“Camp is a place where you can grow without being judged. Your life is shaped at camp and lifelong friendships are born.” – Isabel F.

“I love camp because when we gather together at the end of the week for Havdallah, I realize how special it is to be at a Jewish camp and make new friends and expand your Jewish life together.” – Jesse F.

“The rabbis who did our aufruf are married, met at camp, and are very close with us. They were my counselors when I first started at camp and I had their kids as campers when they started day camp -- very l’dor vador. We feel really lucky to each share the camp bond with our partner and think camp is a great place to meet your b’sheret! Our wedding was packed with about 30 friends from camp who all broke into camp songs and cheers on the bus ride back to the hotel at the end of the night—it was so much fun.” – Alison P.

“I love camp because I get to be myself and have fun with my friends. There are so many traditions at Camp. I love how whatever we do there is always a story and a rich tradition behind it. From Friday night song sessions and Shabbat dinner, to Wednesday shiur, there is always a unique feeling at camp.” – Morgan H.

“Camp has not only brought me closer to many friends, but also to my Jewish roots.” – Maddie S.

“Jewish Camp is important to me because it allows me to bond with people who have a lot in common with me. It makes me feel like I’m apart of something bigger than myself, which is a great experience.” – Micah S.

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