Women’s Division began G-Day, a city-wide, door-to-door solicitation for the Annual Campaign. Women assembled at the Emerson Hotel and went out in groups, chauffeured by men volunteering their time and private cars.  Over 1200 women and 461 male volunteer motor corps raised $45,000, by soliciting […]


On May 14 (the 5th day of Iyar), Israel proclaimed its independence.  The Jewish Welfare Fund of Baltimore assisted in the 1948 United Jewish Appeal campaign, raising $1.5 million to help “transform a dream of a Jewish State to reality.” The funds also helped bring […]


With the establishment of the new Jewish State, Jews from Yemen, Aden, Eritrean and Saudi Arabia traveled over 200 miles of desert for a chance at freedom. Through the Jewish Distribution Committee’s Operation Magic Carpet, thousands of Jews over the next two years were airlifted […]


With a need to raise more than $250 million to help Jews resettle in Israel, The Jewish Welfare Fund of Baltimore participated in the 1949 Exodus Campaign through the United Jewish Appeal. The goal was “to develop in the State of Israel a place for […]


The Women’s Division of the Associated Jewish Charities was created when Helen Dalsheimer was asked to handle the Small Trades Division. In its first year, the women raised $44,099 for The AJC’s Annual Campaign.


On July 30, 300 Jewish refugees arrived in Baltimore on the steamship, SS Nyssa. It was the largest number of Jewish immigrants to come to Baltimore’s shores since before World War I. The Jewish community, working with the National Red Cross and other local and […]


With the Nazi conquest of much of Europe, Jews were no longer safe. The Jewish Welfare Fund was created to raise money for both national and overseas agencies concerned with saving and salvaging the lives of Nazi victims. HIAS and the Refugee Adjustment Board became […]